• Yeah Im that excited.  Anyway my question is, what can I do to make sure http traffic is in a specific queue? Right now it falls into the qP2P and I want it in qOtherLow.

  • Congrats!

    For monitoring traffic going through queues you can use pftop to monitor bitrate of traffic passing through the queues, or if you need more details you can use tcpdump with pflog.

    For assigning traffic, well, you just have to get the firewall rules right. Trial & error mixed with some networking knowledge.

    Pay attention to firewall rule order. It is very important. Interface rules (LAN, WAN, etc) is first match wins. Floating rules are last match wins.

  • I guess that's what Im looking for, a FW rule that targets HTTP traffic only. I should probably do some more searching.

  • It's not that hard. Add a floating rule that directs all destination traffic on port 80 to qOtherLow & ACK sent to qACK.  My example below uses qOthersHigh but the concept is the same.

  • Thanks KOm but what if you have a gateway group? I see that teh wizard wont let me choose my loadbalance group without picking a direction of flow.  Also does it matter what interfaces you pick? can you pick them all?

    Further thinking seems to suggest that by picking all interfaces you would negate the need for a gateway group. possibly.

  • I'll post a question about this in the Firewalling section, but last night I created a floating rule specifying all interfaces and HTTP traffic and it broke the Hulu, Netflix, and CBSN channels on my Roku. Very weird.  Disabling the rule and they worked.

  • Thanks KOm but what if you have a gateway group?

    That would have been good to know from the start.  I don't have multi-WAN so I don't know for sure, but can't you select your gateway group from Advanced features - Gateway here?  Maybe someone else who has multi-WAN can chime in.

  • You dont specify gateway groups or any gateway with floating rules.  For floating rules chose the WAN interfaces , if you have more than one use CTRL to select them all.  DO NOT CHOOSE THE LAN INTERFACE IN A FLOATING RULE.

    If you make a LAN interface rule then choose the gateway group.  So you should have specific rules in the LAN interface page to send traffic out SPECIFIC WAN INTERFACES.  Then the last rule which is the any/any rule or any other generic rule , you should choose your WAN GATEWAY GROUP as the interface to send the traffic out on.

    This is what I have done and I find it works best for me and what I use the traffic shaping for.

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