PXE booting help

  • I have read a number of posts on getting PXE booting working with pfSense but can't get the process configured properly.

    My PXE client does not get the initial bootfile. How can I debug this?

  • for what purpose? wds?

  • I just want to be able to have a PXE server on my network.

    I currently have a FreeBSD system which I can use for testing various computers or installing software and it needs to be running DHCP to work.  Now that I have pfSense working I want to stop DHCP on that system and move PXE server functionality to pfSense. I can't figure out how DHCP works on pfSense as I can't find the equivalent of /usr/local/etc/dhcp.conf so can't figure out what I'm missing.

    How do I tell if the client sends a DHCPDISCOVER msg?

    I'm trying to follow instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook:-


  • Almost all the useful things can be configured from the GUI. (including pxe)
    You can look in the dhcp server logs to check discover msgs

  • I hadn't noticed the dhcp log before so that was a useful pointer.

    Not sure what I changed but I finally managed to get pfSense working as a PXE Server so I'm very pleased with that. It seems pretty straightforward in retrospect :)

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