OPT2 interface as switch port on LAN

  • I have WAN with static IP, OPT1 with dynamic IP, LAN connect to my notebook

    now I installed OPT2 which must work as "one port switch port" on LAN, where I can connect my mail server without additional external switches

  • Then you need a crossover cable, though a straight cable would work if you have Gb nic's on both pfSense opt2 and the mail server.
    Then you can bridge opt2 to Lan, though i would just make a lan2 for the mail server.

    Hope it answer your question (if it was your question :))

  • yes, I have crossover cable and try to connect my server in such way, but can't reach my server

    I enable Enable Optional 2 interface and Bridge with LAN
    Type: DHCP (and interface gets address from pfSense)

    may be I need define some rules on OPT2?

    I add rule on OPT2:
    *  *  *  LAN net  *  *

    now I can ping my mail server, but DNS server stoped

    can someone tell what exactly I must to do?

    thanks in advance,

  • System Advanced
    [v] Enable Filtering Bridge

    OPT2 configuration
    enable [v]
    bridge with: LAN

    rules on OPT2
    *  OPT2 net  *  *  *  *
    *  LAN net  *  OPT2 net  *  *

    interesting (for me) was last line - plain Linux/Windows desktop works fine without it, but my server not, DNS server was not available for LAN and other connectivity problems …

    may be someone of senior comrades can comment it and my configuration also

    thanks to all!


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