Ping time greater than 1ms from PC to router?

  • I've been having some internet connectivity/bandwidth/latency problems lately and I'm trying to diagnose them.

    The first step is that I've used Pingplotter to ping my router from my PC every 2.5ms.  The ping time is usually less than 1 ms, but I see several times per hour where the latency increases up to 4 or 5 ms.

    My network is wired-gigabit using CAT6 cables.  The switch is a Ubiquity EdgeSwitch-48 and the router is pfSense 2.2.6 on a SuperMicro X7SPAHF-O motherboard.

    I don't think it's normal to -ever- see greater than 1ms from PC to router, right?  What might be causing this?  The CPU usage is nearly always 0% and I'm not running any packages at all.

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    Your first problem, if there's a problem at all, might be the Ubiquiti edgeswitch. :/

    What specific problems are you trying to diagnose?

  • occasional (a couple/hour) spikes of 5ms is not an issue. 500ms would be an issue

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    you do understand that pretty much every router/firewall/switch on the planet when you ping its IP be it a svi, a loopback or actually on the interface priority to answer your ping is going to be way lower than doing what its suppose to do which is route/firewall traffic or even switch traffic..

    Why don't you do a simple test - ping say something through a switch, and your switch at the same time and then say login to your switch - and then see what happens to your response times..

    Seeing a 5ms ping now and then is not a issue to be concerned about, and sure and the hell not going to cause you whatever actual issue your trying to diagnose… How about you give some details of what your issue is, and we can help with the best way to track down what is causing it.

  • Ping doesn't actually measure network latency, it measure's network latency plus the network stack of the host OS. It's very possible you're just seeing network scheduling fluctuations.

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