Pfsense instead of CyberRoam for community home please advice

  • Dear pfsense gurus of the world.

    I service community home/building, which recently stroke some luck  and got 150 smart tvs and we are getting some ubiquiti unifi gear.

    We have a couple of best effort cable links that provide internet.

    We require some sort of manageable router or firewall to further control the use of the bandwithd.
    Unifi can cap download speed per user, but I'm afraid of Netflix and streaming, or peer2peer.

    A Consultor suggested a several thousand dollar CyberRoam appliance which I understand is very good, but cannot afford on our budget.

    So I thought of using a small dell server, good server NICs and pfsense to better manage users.

    We want to give everyone internet, and those who require pay donate a bit more get a bit more.

    its like a school scenario, tons of phones and laptops banging the network to squeeze everything out of it. No hackers, just youngsters doing what youngster do.

    All ideas suggestions and pointers are appreciated.

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