Gateway groups UI bug?

  • I was able to work around the UI issue I found, but I'm trying to follow the bug reporting process and post here first, so please bear with me.

    We have a multi-WAN setup running on 2.2.5-RELEASE and recently disconnected one of our links. I disabled the gateway first and then went to delete it. If it matters, this is the first gateway I had and was the original WAN address/interface when I set up this box.

    When I hit delete on the System:Gateways page, I received this error: "Gateway 'xxx' cannot be deleted because it is in use on Gateway Group 'xxx'" (x's in place of original values). Fair enough, that's true. I went to edit the Gateway Groups to remove the disconnected gateway but, when I edit one of the Gateway Groups, there are no gateways listed in the "Gateway Priority" section. If I go back to Gateways and enable the gateway again (remember, my first step was to disable it on the Gateways page), then I can see the gateways listed in the "Edit Gateway Group" dialog. It seems that if one gateway is disabled, the Gateway Priority list breaks.

    I was eventually able to successfully delete the gateway, and then went back through to see if I could reproduce the issue. I can and I can't. Now whenever the new gateway I created is disabled, the rest of the gateways show up in the Gateway Priority section, but the disabled one does not. This requires me to enable the gateway in order to remove it from a group (or I discovered I can hit save when it is not listed and it will be removed).

    The original issue, where none of the gateways appeared, is my concern, albeit a minor issue. Thank you.

  • Disabled gateways aren't listed, by design. Can be a bit odd, but if you do edit and save a gateway group with a disabled member, the disabled member will be removed.

    In 2.3, you can't disable a gateway that's a member of a gateway group, which prevents getting into that situation.

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