Slow upload

  • Hey,

    I am getting slow upload speed with PFsense. I originally thought the onboard NIC could be the problem so I ordered a dual port Intel NIC to replace it but the issue is still there.

    I get 35Mbps without the PFsense box but with it connected I only get 13Mbps upload. The download is slightly slower from 80Mbps down to 70Mbps but could be other factors.

    I have changed the duplex setting to everything available in WAN and speeds seem to be the same no matter what I choose till I drop down to 100Mbps ones then speed drops to 7Mbps both down and up.

    I have ticked the Hardware Checksum Offloading but no change. I am not sure where to go from here. Could this be a modem issue? as I have 2 modems the one I get good speed is a locked modem from ISP and the one I use with PFsense is a identical modem it was locked but I have unlocked all the features and turned bridging on, So it should by all rights perform the same as I did have it connected just as a modem/router before the new one came and speeds where fine there before I bridged it.

    I am not sure where to turn to look now, any ideas?

  • Could be your MTU is too high.  Connect a Windows box directly to your modem and run ping -l 1500 -f <modem ip="" address="">and see if it's fragmented.  Lower the packet size and try again until it isn't fragmented.  Adjust MTU accordingly for pfSense WAN and then test pfSense speed again.</modem>

  • Ok thanks, What are some default numbers?

    I ran 1500 and 1480 and it was fragmented

    I ran 1400-1470 in increments of 10 and it was not fragmented.

    Is a higher number better?

    Should I go into increments of 1 till I find the sweet spot or is 1470 ok?

    Edit: I cannot see if this works yet as people are using the modem now, will report back when I have a chance.

  • ok that did not seem to matter I set the MTU to 1470 and no difference.

    I even ran ifconfig and the settings did change to 1470 in there.

    Does the hard drive affect the throughput on the network cards?

    I have another PC in the shed I might drag it out and test that. See if it produces the same results, I had another 3 NIC brand new as well in the shed will try them also but this board only has 1 PCI slot why I had to go with a seperate dual port intel card for it lol

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