IPv6 gateway address is outside of provided /64 subnet.

  • Little Happy Cloud KVM provides IPv6 with the following configuration:

    Subnet prefix_48ūüĒ°:/64
    Gateway prefix_48::1

    When I set IPv6 WAN in DHCP6 there are no IPv6 addresses assigned but a route to gateway shows in routing table and I can assign any prefix_48ūüĒ°:/64 address manually from console using ifconfig and everything works as expected. Of course it does not survive a reboot.

    If I select Static IPv6, enter /64 address and gateway prefix_48::1 then gateway is not reachable.

    I tried to enter route to gateway manually using route command but it did not help, although routing table seemed the same as after DHCP6.

    My current workaround is to use StaticIPv6, specify prefix_48ūüĒ°:blah/48 address in IPv6 address field.

    The manually defined gateway prefix_48::1 becomes reachable and all works.

    Question: what is the correct way to configure IPv6 in this environment?

  • That type of config is only supported in 2.3 (without manual hacks).

    You're probably best off using latest 2.3 snapshot in that circumstance.

  • That was quick, thank you!
    Where can I find upgrade from 2.2.6 release to 2.3 snapshot instructions?

  • Download the full update from snapshots.pfsense.org and install it under System>Firmware, or option 13 at console.

  • Upgraded. I now see new checkbox "Use non-local gateway" under System/Routing/Gateways/Edit.
    Enabling it adds an explicit route to the gateway but as I explained in my initial message adding explicit route to the gateway manually from command line does not help.

    IPv6 only works  if

    DHCP6 allowed to do gateway route with following manual IPv6 address assignment
    WAN interface is statically configured with wide enough subnet to reach gateway directly.

  • a working gateway route is created when DHCP6 is enabled

    [2.3-BETA][admin@lhc]/root: netstat -rn6
    Routing tables

    Destination                      Gateway                      Flags      Netif Expire
    default                          prefix_48::1                  UGS      vtnet0
    ::1                              link#5                        UH          lo0
    prefix_48::/48                    link#1                        U        vtnet0
    prefix_48::1                      xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx            UHS      vtnet0

    IPv6 address is not assigned automatically but after assigning it manually
    ifconfig vtnet0 inet prefix_48ūüĒ°:abcd/64
    IPv6 works.

  • Static IPv6 setup is missing one route and IPv6 is not working.

    [2.3-BETA][admin@lhc]/root: netstat -rn6
    Routing tables

    Destination                      Gateway                      Flags      Netif Expire
    default                          prefix_48::1                  UGS      vtnet0
    ::1                              link#5                        UH          lo0
    prefix_48::1                      xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx            UHS      vtnet0

    Looks like new functionality "Use non-local gateway" under System/Routing/Gateways/Edit is incomplete.

  • Rebel Alliance Global Moderator

    What am I missing here - why would an ISP do such a stupid setup?  Makes no sense, its not like they don't have plenty of addresses to work with..

    What is the possible advantage to such a odd ball configuration.. Using a gateway outside of the network your in is not how networking is suppose to freaking work…

  • I am told this the way IPv6 can legitimately operate.
    there is no problem setting up route manually in Linux on the same network:

    The FreeBSD variant of Linux ip commnds

    route add -inet6 -net prefix_48::/48 -interface vtnet0
    route add -inet6 -prefixlen 0 default prefix_48::1

    produces virtually the same routing table as DHCP6 (probably via routing advertisement) created one but there is no IPv6 connectivity.

    Update: on Little Happy Cloud CentOS 6 static IPv6 configuration looks like:

    cat /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0


    Could anyone explain how to configure pfSense to achieve the same configuration?