PfSense as L2TP client to ISP - not working

  • Hi there,

    I'm multihoming to a Wireless ISP that provided me a ethernet link to my pfSense firewall.
    The other connection is via an ADSL link that works (except for the ADSL link itself that is oversubscribed etc.)

    Both are connected in via a VLAN on the em1 interface.
    (historical and potential leased line on the main/untagged em1 interface)

    The WISP gave me L2TP login information (username, password, destination L2tp server:
    Usually they install a CPE which connects via WiFi to their AP, but since the AP/switch is just a room away from us, the reason for the direct ethernet cable where I have to enable DHCP to connect to their "AP", but now need a L2TP tunnel to get internet. The reason being that they use that same network for vouchers/captive portals etc. etc.

    I've configured em1_vlan20, enabled DHCP on there and add a route to the L2TP server.

    I've then attempted to add a PPP type interface with L2TP authentication/IP assignment and called that WISPL2TP, but I don't see traffic on the em1_vlan20 to the L2TP server, and the interface doesn't seem to get connected, even if I press the "Connect" button in the interfaces status page.


    • What is the correct way to configure the L2TP and which interface? I can't seem to find any documentation :(
    • Where is the logs for the L2TP  interfaces?
    • What more information is needed to get this connected?

    It seems simple, but I'm missing something ;(

    routing/network information:

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