Captive portal using a facebook accout for free wifi

  • Hello there,

    I would like to do a captive portal to share free wifi to customers in a restaurant.
    The customers should to have access to wifi with a facebook account, and these data(firstname, lastname, gender, sex, email,…) should be stored in a mysql database.
    At the moment my captive portal is working(im not using freeradius), but I do not know what to do so that these data are stored in my database. I want to have total control of my database

    Is possible to do with pfsense(freeradius + mysql) this project?, How?, where can I find an example?, or exist other way to do this project? thanks.

    Regards from Peru.

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  • Hi, i like your captive portal design, I am setting up one for elementary school I was wondering if you are will to share the code.

    thank you!

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