Is it possible to combine/bond 2 DSL connection with pfsense?

  • Hello All,

    I have a machine with 3 ethernet cards.
      I don't mind dedicating this machine to run pfsense.

    I have 2 DSL connections at home.
      I need a fail safe mechanism for these internet connection.
      I can't even afford 10 second down time.
      (As I play online poker)

    If one connection goes down, other connection should pick
      up the traffic right away. So that Windows machine application
      won't even have 10 second internet down time.

    Can pfsense support this requirement?
      If so, how easy is to configure pfsense machine to do this.

    I would really appreciate any help on this matter.


  • it does round robin load balancing and/or failover, so yeah
    but if both of your dsl's are from the same compay they'd prob both go down at the same time
    even w/ diff dsl isp's they often go back through the same telco's equipment.  I'd get one cable and one dsl for better assurance that at least one will always be available

    nobody is going to hold your hand tho in setting it up, theres good doc out there, find the multi wan HOW-TO v. 1.2 doc and follow it step by step

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