List of Live CD limitations?

  • The download page for pfSense states that running a Live CD installation has limitations. Is there a list of the limitations somewheres?

  • No clue about the list.

    -unable to save
    -unable to install packages

  • I meant using a Live CD with a USB device, such as an old CF card for saving config.xml to. So I guess the limitation may only be can't install packages?

  • @heper:

    No clue about the list.

    -unable to save
    -unable to install packages

    From memory, they are the limitations.

    I believe the configuration file is the only thing saved to the USB device, which would mean all RRD data is lost after reboot.

    I would only use the LiveCD to install onto bare metal that has an optical drive, or in an emergency. If I wanted to put pfSense into production without a hard disk or SSD, I would likely install the NanoBSD version on a USB memory key.

  • The use case is for residential network gateway. Does the RRD data provide some functional usage, or is it for analysis only?

    The reason I am evaluating this setup is that for non-tech types it is easier to just burn a disc than to write an iso to a USB device, and they can even do their own backups of the config.xml file, plus pretty much everyone I know has a cache of CF cards they aren't using.

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