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  • Hello,

    First off, let me say thank you all for being so responsive on this forum. Help is usually come by pretty quick and easy here so thanks for that.

    Anyway, simple question. I have a older Airport Extreme router that I did a speedtest on before I put it in bridge mode and behind the pfSense firewall. Initially, I was getting a 12ms ping and 58Mbps down. After putting it behind the pfSense firewall, I am getting a 23ms ping and 55-56 down speed. Both before and after tests were conducted over wireless.

    Is that normal to have that much increase on latency through pfSense? I have gigabit network cards on pfsense box and gigabit switch between pfSense and the Airport Extreme.

    **I also did a wired test; I ran a speedtest from a laptop connected via wired connection to just the pfSense box (no other router or hardware between the laptop and pfSense) and was getting 12ms ping. So not sure where the additional 11ms latency is coming from.

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    If you run a wired test and it's 12ms, that's all that is added by pfSense + the Internet to your destination.

    Anything beyond that would have to be latency introduced by the wireless gear and other local items (switching, cabling, etc)

  • Hi jimp, thanks for the reply.

    The 12ms was observed over wireless connected as follows:

    laptop –--- airport extreme router ----- internet = 12 ms

    The 23ms is over wireless also, but this time it is behind pfsense in bridge mode

    laptop ----- airport ----- pfsense -------- internet  = 23ms

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    You left out one:

    laptop –--- airport extreme router ----- internet = 12 ms
    laptop ----- wired to pfsense ----- internet = 12 ms
    laptop ----- airport ----- pfsense -------- internet  = 23ms

    Sounds to me like the problem is still somewhere on the airport behind pfSense, since the latency is the same as it was before without it involved and the latency only exists when it's inline in the test. Focusing on pfSense is not likely to yield any results since it's fine without the wireless in place. There is probably some setting on the airport contributing to the delay.

  • Thanks for the reply jimp.

    Do you recommend any particular router to be used in conjunction with pfSense? I can try a different device and test the up/down speed.

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