Voip phones with Wan Failover States not killed.

  • I have seen several posts but nothing referring to the latest version of pfsense.

    I have a customer with 2 wan connections and have setup a gateway group and having issues with the killing of the states.

    1. After failing back the states with the Tier2 connection stay "ESTABLISHED"  Phones ring and connect but unable to hear each other.
    2. I have unchecked the box under advanced Misc for disabling the states from being killed.

  • Yep.  It's a real problem.

    Only solution I have been able to come up with is to setup an OpenVPN tunnel bound to a gateway group.  This creates a potential re-design at the head end depending on what the phones actually have to connect to.

    It works a treat.  States can remain as the tunnel never changes.  Only how the tunnel routes out.

    If you need that VPN to terminate on multiple head end circuits (no BGP), you can set additional destinations in the advanced options window of the VPN.

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