Routing openvpn client across ipsec tunnel

  • Never had to do this but now it has been requested.

    Site A <–--IPSEC P2P----> Site B

    OpenVPN for client vpn

    I want to be able to have openvpn client machines on the network be able to connect to devices on the subnet.  Would I be better off using ipsec client rather than openvpn?  Is this even possible?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    All you need are phase 2 entries on IPsec to cover the additional traffic flows:

    Site A gets an additional P2 for to
    Site B gets an additional P2 for to

    OpenVPN server also needs set as a local network so the client gets a route.

    Then so long as the firewall rules allow the traffic it'll flow

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