Physical Hardware Replacement

  • Hi.  I'm wondering if anyone might know a good strategy, or the proper way to go about an upgrade I'm doing.  I currently have a pair of pfsense boxes virtualized and running our firewall.  I want to convert these over to physical appliances, so I purchased two appliances.

    I yanked the cables from the secondary virtual pfsense, moved them to the new appliance, setup the interfaces, then configured high availability sync to get my config on the box.  Now to do the same with the primary unit is going to be a bit different.  Should I take the primary offline, let the secondary box take over, then just reconfigure HA sync on the secondary so it replicates the config over to the other appliance?  Or is there a better way to physically replace the primary unit of a cluster?  I'm worried about the carp settings now sync'ing properly since they'd be coming from a box that was originally the secondary unit.

    Would config download/restore be a good option here?  I assume no, since the interfaces are different, but I'm not 100% sure.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

  • If you purchased two appliances, they likely come with support.  Contact ESF and get their recommended procedure.

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