Importance of crypto performance (quick Q)

  • Keep seeing everyone talking about the crypto performance with openvpn.

    This is for when the router itself connects to a vpn or accepts connections from a VPN, right?

    In other words, if I connect to VPN from a client, the crypto stuff is handled by the client so the router's crypto performance is irrelevant, yes?

  • yes

  • @heper:


    Thanks! Makes life easier. I have a Synology NAS that can do VPN so looks like I won't have to upgrade my alix board for a while yet.

    (60/10 connection, doesn't seem to have a problem even when getting hammered by torrents)

  • Just like HTTPS, the cost of the encryption is borne by the end-points that terminate the connections. If the VPN is done by the clients through the firewall/router, it doesn't cause any additional load. They're just packets.