Pfsense SG-2440, Moto SB6141 modem issue

  • Hey folks,

    I've had my new SG-2440 running as router/firewall for a couple weeks and there haven't been too many problems.  However, the last few days, at around the same time, my cable modem has had a few T3/T4 timeouts late at night (probably Comcast performing maintenance).  These timeouts cause my pfsense box to become unresponsive (no WAN connectivity, no gui or SSH access to pfsense LAN IP) and it stays that way until power cycled.  I am able to reproduce the issue similarly by unplugging the WAN cable from the modem to the pfsense box; as soon as I do so, the pfsense box becomes unresponsive.  Is this normal behavior?  Is there a setting I should change?  Somehow I don't think pfsense should be going down like this just because the WAN interface has connectivity problems.

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