CARP On LAN interfcae

  • Hi Buddies,
    did any one already configure Virtual IP on LAN interface , can he  share the configuration with us.

    i set the gateway of the DHCP server of the LAN interface to be the Virtual IP of the LAN  (for example : . but  i cant reach my gateway (Virtual IP ) from the devices outside pfsense.

    if i ping from Pfsense , it works. but the Client cant reach the gateway( and consequently they cant reach the Internet.

    any extra setting , should  i consider? do u have any idea?

    My Configuration Steps:
    LAN int on Master PFsense: 
    LAN int on Backup PFsense: 
    1- on Virtual IPs Page :Configure Virtual IP for  LAN interface.(
    2-set the DHCP of LAN : DNS : , Defaultgateway : , Failover peer IP:
    3- On NAT : Outbound : set to Manual , and the LAN subnet entry ( i set the translation interface to Virtual IP of CARP_WAN.

    any thing else to do ?????

  • Thanks , i could solve the problem by

    Enable promiscuous mode on the vSwitch on my VM ware

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