build iso ok ,but install “can’t load 'kernel' ”

  • build iso  ok ,but install “can’t load 'kernel' ”

  • is something related with bsd sources. in my case, the kernel build give-me always error.

  • @berton:

    build iso  ok ,but install “can’t load 'kernel' ”

    same problem

    thank you

  • If your ISO build turned out anything like mine, there is nothing in /boot/kernel on the CD, and if you examine the files in /kernels you will find that only the uniprocessor kernel file actually has a kernel and modules in it.  The rest are empty shells, and it looks like the build for the other kernels never happens (uniprocessor is done first so it works the rest don't).

    There is a typo in the build_all_kernels() routine in

    The lines that read:

    rm -f $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX/usr/home/pfsense/freesbie2/.kernel

    should be:

    rm -f $MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX/home/pfsense/freesbie2/.kernel

    There is no "usr" in the path to the files needing to be removed.  When I remove the "usr" part in the path the other kernels build.

    EDIT: Patch file submitted to coreteam via email.


  • Scratch my above patch suggestion.  Although the fact that the kernel build flag files are not getting removed properly between builds is the symptom, my suggested fix doesn't address it completely as other scripts are looking for things in the original location also.


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