DHCP requests failing

  • I have the following network configuration:
    Dell SC440 to DELL 8 port managed GB switch from there to a linksys 4 port wireless router.  If I leave the wireless router connect to the dell switch DHCP to devices connected to the linksys wireless router stop working.  If I connect a Nortel managed 24 port switch everything seems to work.

    do you think it could be a network cabling or link issues from that connection?

  • I will ask the obvious first…  Did you turn off the dhcp server in the wireless router? If you did, is it still off?

    Our Dlink at the office used as an access point has turned back on intermittently until we canned it...

  • It's still off.  No conflicting addresses.  I ran the 90 to foot cable myself from the fron to the back of my house.  I have not had any issues.

    If I unplug it and leave it unpluged for 30 seconds it comes right back up no issues.  It seems to be more of a issue when I connect to my dell gb switch.  I thinking can't auto-neog correctly.  As long as it is connected to my 450-T it's better.

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