Need some help getting a lcd to work on a infoblox 1050a

  • greetings  i am new to pfsense and the forums.    i have been running smoothwall for a long time and would like to try pfsense.

    my hardware is a infoblox 1050a pent d 2.8 dual core 2gb ram and installed on a sata 8gb ssd drive   
    mb is a supermicro pdsmi ln4-ii008 
    my lcd is a EDX12232I-V02

    i have looked all over  the forums and google and lcdproc website  and haven't come up with much regarding this box 
    i have tried many many settings in lcdproc but haven't had any luck

    any help would be appreciated        thanks in advance and have a great day

  • Hi dude,
    i have same some infoblox appliance. this machines has two models of lcd,  EDX12232I-V02 and matrix orbital GLK12232-25-SM.
    This LCD are the same.
    you can use lcd-proc developer package and select GLK driver and display size=4x20.

    For select proper com port, in console "dmesg | grep uart" (to view how many com ports you have) and "ls /dev/cua*"
    try it with cuau0 o cuau1.

    good luck.

  • Here are my settings that worked.

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