PIA VPN changed the default gateway

  • Not sure if it should be under this category but I decide to put it here first.

    I have been on pfSense for a couple years now. The new box is on 2.2.6. The setup is pretty basic

    1. One WAN with PPPOE
    2. Two physical separated LANs (on two NICs). LAN1: and LAN2:

    Everything works ok before I added the open VPN client of Private Internet Access. The plan was to direct the traffic on some of the hosts on LAN1 to use PIA VPN only. I was planning to use policy filtering, similar to this post:

    However, I found a weird issue. After the PIA VPN is up, all of my WAN traffic went directly through PIA VPN, even though the default gateway is still the WAN (PPPOE). I have not created any other rules yet.
    There are no other rules under my LAN other than allow pass of everything. I tried automatic outbound NAT, hybrid and manual. None of them seems to have any impact on that.

    Any other thoughts why? I assume someone must have done similar configuration before so it is probably not a bug.

    Thank you for any comments/thoughts.

  • PIA forces a new default route through the openvpn.

    when you enable Don't pull routes in your openvpn client settings, this will be sorted.

  • Thank you very much.

    That is the option.

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