Spamd whitelisting

  • How are others using Spamd handling whitelisting of places like Gmail which will bounce retried mail from a different server than originally sent from (mucking the graylisting process)? I'm trying to find a shared whitelist provider and integrate it, but for now I've resorted to copying and pasting profusely from the internet for my whitelist.txt  Anyone have an elegant solution? Maybe we need a cron job that updates a shared whitelist and then downloads the latest copy…

    Any opinions? I don't want to turn off graylisting, it works so darn well, we've just got these spotty issues I need to get resolved.

  • I used the netblocks assigned to which should account for all of the IP addresses that would potentially send you email.  For reference, this turns into 139264 unique addresses.

  • ???

    Please forgive me if this question seems like a dumb one, but how exactly do you figure out the netblocks assigned to

  • $ host -t any

  • Do you run that with a cleanup and then cat it onto your whitelist.txt? if so, mind sharing the code and the schedule you run it on?

  • How about the whitelisting of hotmail and yahoo? And any other well know mail service we can add into whitelisti?

  • Perhaps a seperate bounty to add a few checkboxes that say "Attempt to Auto-Add Gmail to Whitelist" and one for each major service like hotmail yahoo etc? Then it could just run a script / add a cront tab in the background  and add the entries it finds to the whitelist.txt… lets wait and see how the rest of the original bounty plays out in the next few weeks (sullrich was going to take a break then work on it more later) and go from there. I think that and allowed domain access could make the user interface very nice for beginners...

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