Modem bridged or in DMZ?

  • I have a cable connection at home, ISP is Ziggo.
    At the moment I have their modem in bridge mode and behind that is my pfSense box.
    The modem I have right now is a bit old and only support 8 downstream channels.
    I spoke to Ziggo support and they have a new modem ready which I could get.
    This modem supports 16 downstream channels and should handle my internet speed better.
    Only thing with this modem is that it can't be put in bridge mode.
    I could give the pfSense box a static IP and put this IP in DMZ on the new modem.
    So this way it will be "free" to the internet.

    Though I have a question before doing so.
    What set up is better? Modem with pfSense box in DMZ or modem in bridge?
    What are the advantages and/or disadvantages?

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