HP ML110, Installs, F1 then Restarts..Loop-a-de-loop

  • I have a HP ML110 Server with Sata HDD and 4Gb RAM installed.  After installation of PFSENSE, the server boots to the PFSENSE F1 prompt then… just restarts.  I have the luxury of having another of these machines and the same thing happens on either one, with separate disks and RAM.

    I have read through posts, and tried changing the disk to Compatible and AHCP in the BIOS, but same thing happens.  I have also tried a custom installation with the same results.

    Any ideas anyone?  Going nuts here and I have installed loads of these boxes before now..

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions or confirmation of issue..


  • A Google search shows people seem to have been able to run pfSense with these boxes, so I'd look for some change from the "ordinary?"

    Check for BIOS versions/upgrade?

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