Newbie having some setup problems

  • Greetings and salutations.

    I am having some trouble setting up my PFSense Box and network and was hoping that someone may be able to help. This is what I have/what I want to do:

    ADSL => iConnect Access 624 Broadband Router => PFSense Box - re0 (on board nic) [assuming this is the WAN]

    => D-link DFE-580TX (quad channel server card)
          => ste1 [LAN] => D-link DSE-1005D 5 port switch => various computers
          => ste2 [OPT 1] => DMZ
          => ste3 [OPT 2] => Linksys WRT54GP2 (wireless access and VOIP)

    but nothing is working not even http into pfSense from switch or D-link card.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

  • What does not work?
    Can you ping your broadband router in front of pfSense from pfSense itself?
    What IP's do you have on WAN and LAN/OPTx?
    Did you create rules on the OPTx's that allow traffic to the WAN?
    Why are you using a router in front of pfSense?

  • Thanks for replying.

    The iConnect broadband router is what I got from my ISP. I found and connected a D-link DSL302G ADSL Modem to replace the iConnect to see if that would help but not much else has improved.

    I assigned an ip ( to my LAN and my WAN is the ip address of my modem

    As I can not log into the web configuration I have not been able to assign an ip for both the opt nics nor create rules.

    I did notice that in the PFSence screen there is no astrix net to my LAN but there is on my WAN and one of the OPT nics that has the Linksys connected to it. The lights on the nic card show I have the LAN is connected to the card at the nic I assigned to the LAN unless NIC 1, 2 ,3 , & 4 do not correspond to ste0, ste1, ste2 & ste3 respectivly although the OPT is showing connected - perhaps that nic on the card is faulty.

    From PFSense I can ping and

    I feel I may be misunderstanding something.

  • OK. I have tried getting it to work again and have noticed 2 problems re-occuring:

    1. FPSense never auto detects the WAN (when I assign the nic it is on it shows an astrix showing it is connected - assumming that is what the astrix means). Do I need to do something with my adsl modem such is put it into bridge mode (assumming I can do so)?

    2. When pfSense detects the available nics one one the nics it detects is fwe0 (just googled it to find out it the firewire port). However when auto detect the lan and plug it into say ste0 it auto detects as fwe0. If I assign the lan to the nic I put it into (ie ste0) it does not show as connected ie no astrix.

    Hoping my observations are helping.

  • Never mind I downloaded untangle and got it working. I do think PFSense is excellent but will use it in some equipment from one of the recommended vendors.

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