Network saturation with a load-balancing config

  • I have configured pfsense to do load-balancing with two connections (and I will add a third one), and it works well during half and hour, but afterwards the switch where all network cards of the pfsense machine are connected begins to have a red light in the output connection (to the central switch of the network) and connections of ALL the network become very slow or impossible.

    Here are captures of my configuration and logs:

    There is a traffic of about 4Mbits/seg by each output interface, and, as you can see in logs, there is a conflict and a huge number of connections to (it's DHCP) from pfsense computer network cards.

    ¿What am I doing bad? Thanks for your help in advance.

  • Tried hard to see your link but after 5 minutes of loading I gave up, try to describe your problem.

  • Also got a bit lost in those pictures.
    One thing i did see was a rule

    • wifi net * !wifi net  * balance

    i don't really understand that rule.

  • Sh4, I have already explained it, but i don't know why is something failing, so I add that captures, maybe you can see something wrong. Please try to see them.

    Perry, I used that rule to send wifi –-> Internet connections througt load-balancer.

  • ¿Anybody? :(

  • Another-

    Lan net - Lan net

    why are those needed?

    I think the answer to your problem is in your system logs.

    But we need more…

    What interface do the various names equal?

    rl0?   rl2?   What are they?   If I had to guess Id say you had a loop connection someplace.

    Can you draw a picture of your network? is a good resource for this...

    The same mac address is showing up on both rl0 and rl2 but expected on rl1.

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