RRD graphing issue with Multi-WAN

  • Hi,

    Let me start with some background. We originally started off with a single internet provider. Some time later, we added a second internet provider on a separate interface (WAN2). At this time we created a gateway group with WAN2 as the primary and the original WAN interface as the backup. We also set the gateway on our LAN rules to the gateway group. And we are currently running version 2.2.6.

    On the RRD graphs, it appears that all outbound traffic is going out over the WAN interface and all the inbound traffic is over the WAN2 interface. I was expecting to see the majority of inbound and outbound traffic over the WAN2 interface as it is the primary interface. Initially, upon seeing this I thought I had an issue with routing. I double checked our configuration, but could not find anything wrong. So, I performed the following experiment.

    • From home, logged into the our vpn

    • verified I was connected to WAN2's public IP

    • began downloading a large file from a shared folder through the VPN

    • Checked WAN2's live traffic graph and verified that outbound traffic was going to my home modem's IP

    • Checked WAN's live traffic graph and saw no traffic

    • After downloading the file, I looked at the RRD graphs, All outbound traffic was on the WAN graph

    • No outbound traffic was shown on the WAN2 RRD traffic graph

    This leads me to believe the RRD graphs are somehow getting confused. And I don't think I am the only one who has seen this behaviour. There are some old posts saying the same thing:

    Any ideas on how I might troubleshoot this further? And I'm also curious to know if anyone with a Multi-WAN setup sees their RRD graphs working correctly?

  • I have a multi-WAN setup and the graphs are fine - you could try simply unplugging one WAN connection at a time and see what happens assuming that you have pfSense configured to switch defaults when one goes off-line.  Does the system up the UP WAN and ignore the DOWN WAN each time?  Depending on what happens, that might tell you where to start looking.

    My guess is that the graphs are telling you that you have a configuration issue - multi-wan can be complex.

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