Dual wan setup semi succesfull, confused..

  • Dear gurus and routing masters.

    First of all, thanks to the developers, for pfsense, it rocks. ;D

    I'm puzzled with my setup. ???

    Goal.  WAN takes all the traffic, OPT1 takes only traffic from LANip (voip pbx).

    WAN, is a static Point to point link with a provider, they give me public IP and gateway
    OPT1, is DHCP, comes from a linksys wrt54gs, doing PPPoE authentication and DMZs the IP given to PF sense, which is
    LAN, has DHCP on, shooting IPs from to 254
    ipPBX, has static IP

    NAT, outbound manual, duplicated the default rule, only with OPT1 in it.
    Rules, created a pass from single IP,, via  OPT1.
    Then created some inbounds for administrating and connecting to the ebpx
    FROM OPT1, port 4569, to for inbound iax2 (voice)
    FROM OPT1, port https, to for inbound web admin

    When setting up OPT1, if I set to DHCP, and bridge with NONE.
    The firewall rules show the IP, what opt1 was given by the linksys doing the pppoe.
    But I can't get internet on
    When seting up OPT1, as DHCP, and bridge with LAN & field left blanc
    The firewall rules, show no ip at all
    Bit i CAN get internet form the and traffic does go out via opt1

    MY problem. I can't  have remote phones or iax2 trunks enter via opt1 to and login.
    I have (ip given to opt1) on DMZ.

    Any clues, pointers? need more info? snapshots?
    I'm loosing hair to this one.  :(  Please share your thoughts

  • Okay I'd like to help. Good details but the organization and grammer of your issue as you wrote it leaves a lot to be wanted. Would you mind restating what does work and what doesn't, please?

    I see you are trying to give one WAN all to your pbx, right? The OPT1 port? And when you plug it in your WAN port hangs?

  • Apologies for the grammar, rusty english, and too much coffee.
    Setup diagram http://screencast.com/t/sjw5cQvfL
    Yes, I'm trying to give OPT1 all to the pbx inside the lan.

    When I configure OPT1 in pfsense like
    DHCP, Bridge with NONE; the PBX can't reach the internet.
    When I configure OPT1 in pfsense like
    DCHP, Bridge with LAN; the PBX can reach the internet.

    The problem is I can't reach the PBX from the outside. I need to be able to reach it so phones and trunks, register to it.
    I created rules at Firewall/NAT saying from OPT1, port 4569, pass to
    (and several other)

    If you think I'm taking the wrong path and know a simpler trick/setup, I'm all open to suggestions :)
    thanks for taking the time to reply.  8)

    looking forward to this.

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