WAN1 - Internet WAN2 - Wireless

  • I believe I can accomplish this with the right rules, but rather than stumbling around with it I'd like to be pointed in the right direction.

    Here's what I'd like to accomplish:

    WAN 1 - Static IP Internet Conneciton which handles all Internet traffic
    WAN2 - Static IP fed from a wireless antenna - needs to handle all traffic to 192.168.1.X about three miles away is another antenna which feeds into the 192.168.1.X network (all of this is setup and working well).

    LAN - Addressed at 192.168.2.X

    Do I just setup a rule to run all traffic for 192.168.1.X over the wan2 gateway?

    What would the best approach be?

    Thanks for your help!

  • I'm not sure that you've described the setup completely but I think the answer is probably yes - generally with these sorts of questions the best thing to do it sketch out the data flow on paper and then the answers are usually quite simple.  I use simple firewall rules to force specific machines to use specific gateways quite a often and rarely have problems.

  • At a high level, you would configure policy based routing to route traffic sourced from 192.168.1.x out WAN 2's gateway.

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