How to resolve host with two IP addresses?

  • I have a laptop on my network which is sometimes wired and sometimes on wifi. Is it possible to map the name of the laptop to both the wired and wifi IP addresses? I want to have a DHCP reservation so the IP addresses for each interface always remain the same and so that I can address the laptop over the network by name and have it resolve automatically whether it's on wifi, or wired.

    How can I do this?

  • Try the DHCP Static Mapping

    Services >DHCP Server > DHCP Static Mappings for this interface click +

  • If I add the same hostname twice with different IPs I get this error:

  • If you're only concerned about being able to address it via hostname, why do you care if it has the same IP address?  Assuming you're using pfSense for DNS, just set it to register DHCP leases in DNS.

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    Agreed if you call it laptop.yourdomain.tld - and this is registered in dns be it has IP on wired or wireless what does it matter that those address are the same?  Your not going to be able to do this with dhcp.  You can not assign reservations for 2 different macs to get the same IP.. Defeats the whole purpose of a reservation.

    If you want it to get the same IP be it wireless or wired, change the mac on one of the interfaces to be the same as the other.  Just make damn sure you never have both the wired and wireless enabled at the same time.

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