Alix board - perl exited on signal 4

  • Hi,

    I'm trying out pfSense on my Alix 2D13 and I see a bunch of messages like this in my system.log

    pfSense kernel: pid 96532 (perl), uid 0: exited on signal 4 (core dumped)

    It's a fresh install of full pfSense 2.2.6 (not a nano - I use a microdrive)

    When I open perl.core in a viewer I see /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/local/bin/perl5.14.4 among other pieces of text. Lightsquid doesn't work, of course.

    BTW I was very surprised to find that squid3 brought its own version of perl (5.18.4). I would expect that if 2 packages of a distribution are depending on a 3rd package and all 3 are installed using distro's package manager, that 3rd would be shared by the other 2.

    But anyway, I'm not sure if squid is actually using it. Because when I did

    cd  /usr/pbi/squid-i386/local/bin
    ./perl -v

    I got "Illegal instruction (core dumped)" and perl.core dumped in that folder also contained string /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/local/bin/perl5.14.4. Squid seems to work ok though (transparent mode) - at least access.log grows.

    I googled a bit and my understanding is that illegal instruction (aka signal 4), means that pearl was compiled with some instruction set that my Geode doesn't fully support. I searched system.log for "signal 4" and perl is the only app exhibiting this problem.

    So, is there a way to sort this out? Compiling my own copy of perl is not an option and I don't really want to try the nano version.

    Please note that I'm not unix-savvy.

  • Ok, in case someone googles this up:

    Uninstall lightsquid and clean up as described here

    Then install perl from FreeBSD repo using shell:

    pkg update
    pkg install perl5
    perl -v

    Install lightsquid through Web UI and confirm it didn't break perl by running "perl -v". And clean up:

    rm -rf /usr/pbi/squid-i386/local/lib/perl5
    rm -rf /usr/pbi/squid-i386/local/bin/perl*
    rm -rf /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/local/lib/perl5
    rm -rf /usr/pbi/lightsquid-i386/local/bin/perl*
    find / -name perl.core -exec rm {} \;

    Graphs were failing with HTTP 500 - Internal Server Error. I ran these commands

    cd /usr/local/www/lightsquid

    And it said "no: GD.PM found, please install or set $graphreport=0 to disable". Installing p5-GD fixed the problem:

    pkg install p5-GD

    I must say I'm disappointed about how packages are organized in pfSense. My impression so far is that it's just a set of disjoint poorly maintained packages…

  • That's the nature of PBIs, which are gone in 2.3.

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