Looking for help with bufferbloat

  • I have a dual Wan Single Lan with ivp4 and ipv6 my wan is bonded adsl2+ with set at 12M down and 1522K up and almost any upload (not even saturation) can send ping times close to 4000 ms.
    my cable modem is 5M up (with crazy variability may dip as low as 2M) and 30M down. This line can can see ping spikes in the 400-800ms range easily

    I setup with wizzard a multi wan single lan with HFSC then went and applied codel active queuing everywhere it was available

    how do i ensure I have caught all the traffic is the floating rules enough do I need to double floating rules an have ipv4 and a different rule for ipv6 or can i change rule to ipv4 + ipv6?

    lots of talk about fairq but no wizard even in 2.3

    goals are to split traffic between clients equally while keeping web browsing snappy and wifi calling and facetime as good as possible when ios 9.3 is released and try and keep video buffering to a minimum

    other info wifi is latest unifi AC

  • I was also having a problem with my cable connection. I don't have dual WAN but I read the following post which has fixed my problem, it might help with yours, but can read you have done some traffic shaping. Might be worth a look?

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