Openvox IPC110 not recognizing Intel 535 SSD on boot

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    Hi again!

    Have here an older Openvox IPC110 with Atom Z5 on board, booting fine from CF-card as well as Samsung EVO 850 SSD (which, however, does not support TRIM for pfSense).

    When I try booting from a 120 GB Intel 535 SSD installation of pfSense 2.2.6 (full, i386), the SSD is not detected on booting. "Searching for primary…", end of game.

    I disabled "quick boot" in the BIOS, no help. The Intel SSD boots fine in an old Dell Precision...

    Any suggestions which BIOS settings might help in recognition of the SSD during boot?

    Kind regards


  • Is there a AHCI setting in the BIOS?
    After installation some older PCs are needing after the installation! that the AHCI mode
    must be switched back to the "IDE" setting. Please try this once out.
    AHCI = installation of pfSense
    IDE = booting from the mSATA

    OpenVOX IPC110
    Under this link I was found only some informations about other storage options, but nothing
    then about a mSATA option! Please read what I have found:
    _- Up to 2 Mini PCIe sockets for voice cards and other expansion

    • Flexible combinations of data storage solution:CompactFlash + 44 pin IDE header + SATA
      connector(only available at DC12V power in) for user's operating system and application_

    So you will see there is no detailed information about the usage of a mSATA drive.
    You could surround this by using such an adapter like this (shown under the link in the next line)
    or you can´t go by using the mSATA.

    This adapters are starting to get from 3 € to 40 € likes you want and it will matching in the
    OpenVOX box. Or you will be able to use a IDE-DOM for cheap as an alternative to the mSATA.

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    Hi Schlumpf! :-)

    Funny thing is, the board is booting fine with the Samsung EVO 850 (but no trim available). I always install pfSense to the SSDs on a different computer (from CD), transfer config, enable TRIM and then move the SSD to the board I want to use it from….

    Here is the original message during boot, after which the router stops:

    Attachment 1

    I have an "Advanced" menu in the BIOS

    Attachment 2

    but the IDE config won't help, I guess

    Attachement 3 I think it has to do with the Intel SSD, no idea why the board does not recognize it...

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    …at the bottom of the page you can "Download" the "Manual" for this board... ;-)


    Just tried to install Win7 to an identical Intel 535 SSD 120 GB in an older Dell Precision Notebook, the SSD is not recognized either. This SSD thing becomes pita....

  • Flexible combinations of data storage solution:CompactFlash + 44 pin IDE header + SATA connector
    (only available at DC12V power in) for user's operating system and application

    Can this be the problem, is the board powered over 12V DC?

    The other thing is that the Intel SSD perhaps need a new firmware, did you search for it to be sure
    the latest one is on the SSD? Perhaps this might be solving the problem.

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    Nope, no overvoltage, exactly 12V :-)

    Firmware? Dunno, will look, never flashed an SSD firmware…


    According to this here

    RG21 is the latest firmware.

    On the SSD I read: FW: RG21

    So we are done with Intel 535 SSD... sigh...

  • So we are done with Intel 535 SSD… sigh...

    Bad for you, but on the other site fine for us to know, thanks for sharing this information with us.

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