NBN FTTP and pfSense SG-2220

  • Hello all

    I have search the forum and found similar threads but nothing specific and the forum page suggested posting new topic due to the age of the last post.

    I have the Australian NBN FTTP network termination device install, the ISP has activated the AVC. When I plug the cat6 cable into the PC I have internet. That is how I an typing this.

    When I try to use the pfSense SG-2220 (with wifi) router things get interesting. It looks like it should be close to working but I haven't been able to figure it out.

    The WAN needs to be DHCP, it gets the ISP DNS entries correct and has an IP Address. Bogon networks are blocked.
    I set up LAN to have a fixed IP ( and to run a DHCP server (
    WIFI is DHCP.

    The interesting part is the WAN doesn't actually appear to be communicating with the Internet. WAN Gateway shows as offline or pending - depending on how long since the last factory reset was done.

    ping from WAN fails. If this worked I would move on the the next thing.

    I am at a loss because the WAN is DHCP and the connectivity troubleshooting says to check WAN ip and gateway as if it is static.

    Update: DNSLookup pfsense.org appears to work. It was late last night and I forgot this part.

    Any suggestions gratefully accepted.



  • Hi,

    is it possible to ping the Gateway with the direct connected PC ?
    Maybe the ISP disable this and then you have to check  "Disable Gateway Monitoring".

    Or you have a "flapping" wan card (going online and offline  all the time …)

    It's a little bit guessing w/o more infos / logs ...


  • Hi all

    I have it working now, the one and only change was to leave the LAN IP address at

    I did reset to factory and then just made one change at a time. I don't want to try shifting to again so I am just going to leave well enough alone.

    So anyone in Aus following me that might be worth a try.

    To answer Max, yes, when I had the PC connected directly  into the NTD I could ping pfSense webGui Dashboard  showed a constant connection. I wasn't sure what logs would help.

    I think iiNet was doing something strange because when I spoke to them tonight (because I lost all internet - I had 4 connections from here, I may have broken it…) they said there wouldn't be a gateway, I said "oh i think they might be my other problem". They were really interested in pfSense and wanted to see if we could get it working. They do a lot with open source.

    I am yet to reboot the PC, so I will wait and see if will survive that.

  • I've been running on the NBN, using Internode as my ISP for over a year now.  I haven't had any issues with pfSense except for things I broke myself.  Without any details it's difficult to understand why it stopped working when you changed your LAN IP.  It shouldn't matter what your internal LAN IP subnet is.

    Happy to help with any NBN type questions you might have.

  • Hi,
    what is the status of
    Status: Gateways

    have a look in
    Status: System logs: Gateways
    maybe the apinger is doing some strange thing.

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