Multi WAN with wireless and ethernet

  • Bare with me here as I am new to pfsense. I have installed pfsense on a box using an ethernet connection from my router. I also have a wireless connection set-up from my brothers house which is next door. He doesnt care if I use his internet but he does not want me using it all. We both have about 20,000kbps through speedtest. I just want to use about 10000kbps of his connection and the full connection of mine. How can I throttle it so that I only use a specified amount of his connection.

  • nick you should come over my house im right their on long ave with wihi i can help u with pfsense pretty well.  i'm getting 14mbs over 2 wireless connections dual wan now but "throttling" it i dont think is quite possible.  What are you trying to use the connection for?

    What i do is

    Wan 1 - forward 119 to 1 comp newsgroups
    Wan 2 - used for everything else

    this way i get wan 1 for just downloads and i "throttle" it if i want in my newsgroup program
    wan 2 for general surfing and streaming video

    this way i can keep track of bandwidth used after about 50gb of newsgroups i switch ssids to another and repeat

    you should get a 60 ft pole in your yard and we can link up man i got some badass wifi equipment and 1.5 tb of media google earth only shows us like 5 miles apart

  • yeah ill definitely have to stop by one day and check out the set-up. This weekend I was messing around with pfsense though and I ran into a problem. I put a second wireless card in my pfsense box and was going to try to connect it to another network, but when I set it up as optional 1 it didn't give me the option for wireless. Do you know how I would set it up for wireless? I am already on one connection and I am getting about 20 mbps. I ran a speed test on mine over the weekend and was getting 30mbps. Anyways, I torrent alot which is why I am trying to get it set-up with a few different wireless connections so that I can do it faster, but I dont want to completely make their internet useless which is why I was  trying to throttle it. Let me know what you think about the situation.

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