Was going to load test PFSense this weekend

  • My wife finally got a new computer. Motherboard has a Killer NIC on it, but we added an Intel i210 to the cart. Placed the order, got the parts, put them together, noticed the NIC was missing. Looked at the order list, Intel NIC was no where to be seen. It was removed from the cart during the 2 minute window between double checking the cart and placing the order.

    I decided to give iperf a try between her Killer and my i210 with just the switch between to see what would happen. When running one test at a time, about 960Mb. But when I try to run a down and up at the same time, about 900Mb down and 700Mb up. Bah! I load up perfmon to look at my interrupts, about 30k/s on my desktop. Look at the wife's, about 130k/s! OMG! My PFSense box maxes out around 1200 interrupts/sec (i350) total for the NIC, and that can be 3Gb/s of system throughput or handling 70k-pps of ping packets.

    Hoping for the i210 to be here around Tuesday. I want to see if I can actually saturate full-duplex.

  • so it works as advertised then ? it kills….

  • Once we get her Intel, I'm going to disable the Killer in the bios.

  • Finally did it! About 3.85Gb/s total throughput through the NAT while only using about 17% cpu. Of course this wasn't a PPS test, but standard 1500MTU.

    I just realized I forgot to check my CPU frequency. It normally likes to hang around 300mhz-500mhz. I'm sure it was closer to max if not max, but I forgot to test. Ohh well

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