Checking Squidguard's Adblocking

  • Can someone point me at a source for checking if Squidguard is blocking adds?

    I'd also like to know if it is blocking viruses, but don't know a guaranteed way of downloading one. Where would I check to see if any viruses have been discovered?

  • Just go to any website.  They all have ads.  Do a before & after, with squidguard enabled & disabled.  It will be pretty obvious.

    As for viruses, squidguard blocks URLs and nothing more.  Virus protection is a job for the client, not the firewall.

  • I set up Squid + SquidGuard according to:-

    but I still see ads. If anyone has this working correctly, can you suggest where to look to see what I may have ommitted?

  • I find using PFblockerNG DNSBL does a better job of blocking ads.
    I know this is not what you asked but it might be another option for you to consider :-)


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