IP alias or CARP

  • Dear,

    I have a strange problem, I have a DSL with 8 ip and I can configure both IP alias or Carp, but if I configure IP alias speed is 2 mb / s download and 2 MB / s upload but if I configure virtual ip with CARP speed 4 mb / s download and 2 mb / s upload. Ok I configure CARP, but here's the problem 24 hours a day, there are moments where the speed drops to 0.5 Mb / s in download and I have set up aliases IP to get back 2 mb / s download. My question is how to get a stable 4 mb / s connection for downloading, and because of this instability.
    I'm hoping for a little help.

  • I assume you mean VirtualIP as IP alias means something different in pfSense.

    Only thing I can think of is check your NAT/Firewall rules as I cannot think of any good reason why a VirtualIP would perform any different to the main IP.  Its just another IP address assigned to the same interface, nothing special about it.

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