MAIL errors from cron during the night

  • Dear all,

    I am running pfSense 2.2.6 on dedicated hardware from PCengines. One week ago, I started to see the following error every 30 minutes from about midnight until about 05:30 in the morning:

    Feb 22 00:01:00 pfsense.censored.tld cron[7981]: (root) MAIL (mailed 43 bytes of output but got status 0x0001 )

    This error did never show up before February 15 (I'm sending my logs to a syslog server and logcheck analyzes them, so I'd have noticed this before. I am keeping logs for two weeks and manually checked the older ones as well – nothing there.

    Has anyone seen something similar before and if so, do you have any hints on what could cause this?

    Thank you and all the best,

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