Configuration restore: failed to download packages

  • Hi,
    i've tried to do restore for my pfsense setup (cloned vm) and it seem to fail when trying to download the packages.

    1. the settings seems to be restored for the packages (snort/squid/etc.)
    2. some packages where listed as installed but obviously broken

    what i did to restore:
    1. cloned the VM
    2. on the original VM - backup the configuration with all data and RRD
    3. boot to see its working (it did)
    4. did a fresh install
    5. after install complete - i setup my IP and went through the initial wizard
    6. restored configuration

    i think the fail has something to do with proxy settings
    at some point, in order to be able to get updates i had to force the pf-box to use it self as proxy
    i think that during the restore - it first restore the configuration and then try to download the package - thous it fail since it doesn't have functional squid

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