Hardware for 5 x 50/5 vdsl multiwan + squid + captive portal

  • hi guys, i need your help to choose the right hardware for my needs! i want to create a small free experimental isp for educational purpose! i want to create a multi wan router from 5 lines of 50/5 vdsl. i am also thinking to use squid in order to make it handle even more people! there will be traffic shaping rules and all of these in one pfsense build :D , do you think its possible? if yes tell me what kind of hardware will be strong enough?

    thank you in advance

  • How many users do you expect to connect to the system? You may want to also consider redundancy or failover hardware if it is going to be for many users as the unit would be a single point of failure.

  • lets say from 100 to 500 users max. i will use my current setup of 2 vdsl if something goes wrong!

  • I would suggest an Intel Xeon E3-12xxv3 CPU and 8 GB - 16 GB RAM together with two Intel Quad Port NICs.
    You could use something like policy based routing and load balacing.

  • hi again, what about using 2 interfaces and vlan switch for the wans? should i forget that scenario?

  • i finally ordered this setup

    Case : Sharkoon CA-I
    M/B : Gigabyte H170N wifi
    Cpu : Intel i3-6100T
    Ssd : intel 535 120gb
    Ram : 8gb Crucial DDR4
    Lan : Hp NC364T

    i will start with 4x50mbps Vdsl and will add the fifth later.

  • I like the spec of your build, i wonder how much cpu it would utilize under heavy traffic.
    Im going to do the same thing but with a watchguard x550e with upgraded cpu,ram,hdd but im only starting off with 2x 30/5 vdsl lines.
    may get more lines in the future if it runs ok where so lucky to have a cabinet in our village but its still too far away. 5000 pounds plus too far away! fttp
    It will be intresting to see how you get on mariosfx.


  • it works very well! i had some issues with https and ftp but i made separate gateway group for https and installed ftp client proxy so till now i am fine. i didnt use squid because it also want some tweaking to work with loadbalance.cpu works under 5% :D i am waiting for more clients so i will let you know :)

    speedtest gives 177 download and 18.5 upload :D

  • thats very good, are you using 4 lines at the moment ?


  • About 10 yrs ago (was still pfSense 1.0/1.1 at that moment), I built a dual WAN with 2 x 5M ADSL for my office with 150-200 persons.
    I used Pentium 4 with 1GB SD ram, the trick for this network setup is the Squid, without it 2 x 5M will saturate quickly and the internet becomes almost unusable. So for OP's i3 is already more than enough

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