Reconfig pfsense interface LAGG, how to do without destroying firewall rules

  • Ok, here's my current setup:

    LAGG0 igb2,igb3,igb4,igb5,igb6,igb7

    lagg0 10 VLAN
    lagg0 20 VLAN
    lagg0 70 VLAN
    lagg0 90 VLAN
    lagg0 100 VLAN
    lagg0 110 VLAN
    lagg0 130 VLAN

    All those are setup in interface assignments.

    What I want to do is create 2 LAGG from the single one I have.  So I want this:

    LAGG0 igb2,igb3,igb4,igb5
    LAGG1      igb6,igb7

    Then vlan:

    lagg0 10 VLAN
    lagg1 20 VLAN
    lagg1 70 VLAN
    lagg1 90 VLAN
    lagg1 100 VLAN
    lagg1 110 VLAN
    lagg1 130 VLAN

    So I'm not changing any vlans itself just putting VLAN10 into LAGG0 and rest of vlan into LAGG1

    Is the best way doing this, just backing up the config, then manually editing the config to change the LAGG and VLAN assignments, then restoring the config, which forces a reboot and doesn't remove any firewall rules etc?

    otherwise I think if I edit the LAGG, it will mess up the whole setup because I think I have to remove the vlans and interface assignments etc.

  • I have a similar setup.
    Basically, rules are tied to interfaces. And interfaces are virtual based on VLANs. So, if you won't remove VLANs, rules should be fine too. You just need to:

    1. remove igb6, igb7 from the lagg
    2. create lagg1
    3. add igb6, igb7 to lagg1
    4. reassign interface on vlan10  from lagg0 to lagg1
      Done. All rules should be untouched. No reboots, not even a downtime.
      But certainly perform a config backup prior to changes.

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