How to connect network together between two homes

  • I have pretty good experience with openvpn setups and pfsense but I wanted to get some ideas on the best way to accomplish the following.

    House A (Friend's house)
    -Cable modem/gateway as the server,

    House B (Mine)
    -Cable modem
    -pFsense 2.2 with subnet
    -10.0.0.x/24 guest network on vlan20 (not important but VLANs are working on my switch and setup)
    -SG500X network switch

    I have LOS wirelessly to my friend's house so I want to use UBNT NanoBeam to make a bridge between our houses. Since I may not want to have my friend install pFsense and everything, I was thinking of bridging his 10.0.0.x network to a new WAN interface on my pFsense as OPT2. If my friend wanted to access my NAS, I would forward specific machine and port to OPT2 and if I wanted to access his NAS, I could route all traffic to through OPT2 no?

    Please check me on this and let me know if there are better ways to combine our networks together without him installing pFsense and easier ways to access resources without all this NAT forwarding…

  • No one has some experience to share around this configuration?

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    I would never consider doing what you want to do so I have never considered how to do it.

    If I was to do anything of the sort I would treat the wireless bridge as another WAN (untrusted network) with specific rules each way and a static route on each side to the others LAN.

    But just bridging your LAN with a buddy's because he's too lazy to install a proper firewall is just crazy talk to me.

  • Thanks for the reply. Well, that's not what I said if you read my post:

    I was thinking of bridging his 10.0.0.x network to a new WAN interface on my pFsense as OPT2.

    I have trouble understanding how I could access his resources on 10.0.0.x through my WAN interface. say he has a server on, what kind of routing would I need to set up to access that. I understand that if he wants to access my resources, I would have to port forward and he would just access 10.0.0.x (whatever WAN IP I get).

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    Don't know. Draw a diagram and it should be pretty obvious what you need to route where and what you need to pass where.

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