DNS Help From swapping providers

  • Okay I have a small but large issue…..I am somewhat okay with pfsense. I had it running with my cable internet fine... it was a run down like this

    cable modem to watch guard then out to 48 port switch. then out too 2 AP's computers external hard drives etc.... When the cable co. decided after 7 days of being broke they would not cover my area anymore. I had to goto satellite well I thought just plug in and go...well not so easy I had to factory reset pfsense and finally got it to give my mac a correct IP address from the whole thing...now i have it working BUT if i connect my cell phones or tablets to the wireless AP's they don't pull dns it comes back in chrome at least dns_probe_bad_dns_config or something like that the way i was trying is that i have to put in the dns manual and the computers and such on wireless would work.

    I am lost on the whole thing any help would be great I have a ruckus wireless ap and a netgear wndr3700v3 in my house running that end


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    your on sat what is the latency on that?  You using the resolver?  Sounds like your having resolving problems.  Are you forwarding or resolving?

  • I can get internet on my pc's that are hard wired. I am running everything in default mode. Just like i did when i was running cable internet. The wireless devices are not able to get on the internet i am sure that is is something to do with resolving. I am not sure if i am forwarding or resolving never had to touch that….can you give me an idea what to set in pfsense??

    Not sure where to find what my latency is.....


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    Is your wireless a wireless card in pfsense?  An AP on your lan network, a wifi router?  Did you configure this wifi router as AP or is it also natting?

    So your saying clients wired to pfsense work just fine - its only your wireless that is having issues.  Please describe how your wireless is setup.  If interface on pfsense optX for example then you would have to configure the firewall rules on that interface to allow traffic.. By default any new opt interfaces you create in pfsense have NO rules and all traffic is blocked.

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