Pfsense file encoding & logs & syslog

  • Hello,

    I have problem with logs stored in pfSense, for me problem concerns openvpn.log, but this is problem in general as I think.

    So files in pfsense are stored by default with encoding:

    text/plain; charset=us-ascii

    I have openvpn config which involves smartcards certificates and have users, who have Polish characters in names like 'ł'.
    All data are stored in UTF-8.

    This is output of /var/log/openvpn.log:

    Feb 22 10:41:34 router openvpn[97242]: Wies\xc5M-^Baw […]

    and pfSense syslog interface can't event show those lines! (file attached).

    Sending to syslog also breaks system, because as far as I know syslog servers expect to receive UTF-8 always and not messed up us-ascii.

    What can I do with this error and don't you think that pfsense should run in utf-8 mode?
    ![Zrzut ekranu z 2016-02-23 12-51-57.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Zrzut ekranu z 2016-02-23 12-51-57.png)
    ![Zrzut ekranu z 2016-02-23 12-51-57.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Zrzut ekranu z 2016-02-23 12-51-57.png_thumb)

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