Lan's to DMZ FQDNS resolving

  • I have:

    • Noip resolving my domain name to my external address

    • Wan, Dmz, Managament & Wlan interfaces set

    Now my external clients can access my application servers perfectly
    via FQDNS but on the Management I have to use Ip addresses to connect and on the Wlan
    I can not do either.

    As I do not have a internal DNS server what would be the best solution to get these internal Lan's
    to resolve these FQDNS?

    Note: my wan connection is a static port assignment on a ASA ( not owned by me ) parsing out a 20/3 fiber

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    "As I do not have a internal DNS server"

    So you do not have pfsense running forwarder or resolver? for dns - your clients do not point to pfsense IP in their segment for dns??  They point to your isp or public dns on all your clients?

    if you point your clients to pfsense you can create host overrides for your fqdn to point to your local IP addresses, so that your local clients can access them by name vs using IP or having to setup that abomination that is nat reflection or loopback forwarding, etc..

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