Pfsense AMD 64 bit in VMware workstation 12

  • Dear all;
    Today I have sucessfylly installed pfsense latest version (64bit) in Vmware workstation 12. CPU usage and memory factors remains in good levels. It has a WAN interface (em0) and LAN interface le0. Both these interfaces have the ip addresses which belongs to my LAN. ex: LAN users also have the same IP range. From a LAN pc it is possible to ping those two interfaces and all the packet filtering rules were disbaled.
    Squid3 and Squid guard were also installed. the proxy interfaces were configured to LAN interface (in this case virtual). DNS forwarder is disabled. The primary DNS is configured as the Broadband routers private ip.

    1)  With proxy enabled, the browsing works and seems slow. Especially for HTTPS traffic. safe ports are also being configured in the proxy (Ex:443, 80).
    2) When I restart the virtual pfsense server, the proxy and the squidguard do not restart and it is not possible to restart the squid guard manually either.

    does anyone have an idea about this

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