Please point to the right direction

  • I would like to set up my own router so I can run OpenVPN and get higher speeds than 5mbps.

    I have the following equipment.

    Laptop, which has 1 ethernet port. I want this to be the router.
    10/100 Mbps 3Com switch with 8 ports.
    1 PC that I want to connect to the router.

    Since laptop only has 1 NIC, I imagine I'll need to connect it to the switch, then connect the modem and pc to the switch.

    Assuming this is correct, how do I go about setting this up on pfsense?
    Or is there some other config I can try?

  • Your 3Com switch will need to allow you to configure and use VLANs otherwise this won't work. If you connect the modem to the switch without VLANS then everything on the switch will be able to access the modem and the laptop router won't be doing anything. You will also need to make sure that the NIC on your laptop supports VLAN tagging.

    You will need to setup one separate untagged VLAN port for your modem (the WAN VLAN) and have all your other devices and ports untagged on another internal LAN (which everything else connects to). The port on the switch which the router laptop connects to will need to be tagged to both VLANs.

    In pfsense you would then create two VLANs corresponding to those on your switch, and assign one to the WAN interface (the same as the modem's VLAN) and one to the LAN interface.

    If your switch doesn't support VLAN tagging, then you will need to get either a USB or PCMCIA NIC for your laptop which is compatible with FreeBSD 10.1.

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